Skoop 4 2005

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Brand: Takoon


  • 9.0
  • 11.5
  • 14.5


This kite, fitted with the "Wing Span Line" is the highest performance kite in our range. A fast kite designed for riders who are looking to jump high and long. Highly detailed construction and finish, made from new Teijin sail fabric.


A fast kite with a thin profile. Excellent upwind performance and very good hang time. Enormous wind range and high performance for radical riding. The "Wing Span Line" system helps stiffen the kite and maintain a perfect arched shape in all conditions. The profile optimises jumps and hard carving. Wing Span Line fitted as standard on 14.5 and 11.5 sizes. Each kite size individually designed. Big de-power range for maximum control and acceleration.


  • New sail cloth and Dacron (Teijin) for a kite that is more rigid and hard wearing.
  • Integral tip batten and leading edge tube for improved aerodynamic and easier inflation.
  • Double thickness trailing edge.
  • Dyneema trailing edge leech line to reduce flapping / improve ageing.
  • New system for fixing the foam protectors in place to avoid creasing when packing and possible sail rupture as a result. 3D, logo-d foam protectors.
  • Double-stitched strip reinforcement at sail / leading edge junction for improved strength.
  • Segmented leading edge to avoid kite twisting, mark cloth reinforcements.
  • Leading edge highly segmented for better maintenance of profile and rigidity.
  • New batten and batten tip moulding design for improved aerodynamics.
  • Mark cloth batten reinforcements inside the seams.
  • Anti-wear batten reinforcements : polyurethane-impregnated cordura.
  • Double-thickness bladders at critical points : batten head, batten tip and leading edge / tip batten connection.
  • Numerous line attachment point options for customized flying style. Big diameter attachments for improved strength.


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