Snowkite 2007

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Brand: Nobile


  • 158x27.85
  • 164x27.8


T.R.I.P. Technology (Tip‘n tail Rail Inversion Points)

A Snowboard rail is designed for carving…powder or piste, beginner or pro, everyone wants to leave tracks on the mountain. SnowKiting entails riding the board flatter, straighter and often at high speed, the sharp rails are just waiting to catch and put you down. Our unique TRIP Technology works to hold the rail clear of the snow when riding flat on the board (eg when landing jumps), dramatically reducing the chances of a face plant whilst not effecting edging performance. Beginners or experienced kiters alike will benefit from and enjoy this groundbreaking SnowKite design.

X Stringers

Carefully placed Carbon Kevlar X Stringers control longitudinal torsion whilst riding. Any twisting of the board represents wasted energy and a loss of speed and control however conventional manufacturing techniques used to control it result in compromising the global flex pattern thus negatively effecting the boards edging and comfort. Our X Stringers reduce all unwanted torsion without affecting the decks global flex thus providing the rider with previously unachievable riding performance whilst still displaying unparalleled ease of use.

Hyper Flex Zones

Snow kiters encounter situations that regular Snowboarders would never experience. The 3-D aspect of the sport requires a board that can adapt to any terrain and situation…and fast! In order to maximize your fun, comfort and performance the Hyper Flex Zones, located through the tip and tail of the board, are constantly adapting to let you concentrate on your riding and not worry about what’s going on underfoot.

ABS Sandwich Construction

ABS sidewall construction has long been considered the superior construction method for Snowboards. Combining extreme impact resistance and durability with precise and accurate flex control properties this technology allows the creation of a high performance, yet versatile and easy to ride, kitespecific, snowboard.

Wood Core

Known for it’s superior anti-vibration properties, consistent flex and outstanding durability, the Snowkite range features a 100% wooden core.

Sintered Premium Base

In a sport where efficiency is everything there is no better base. A sintered base provides the least resistance, fastest sliding material used in snowboards. Normally reserved for race and alpine boards when used for snow kiting the benefits in light wind performance and speed are especially noticeable.



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