Snowkite 2008

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Brand: Nobile


  • 148
  • 158
  • 164


Nobile introduced our first dedicated snow kite board into the market in 2006.

Whilst many felt that their standard snowboard was good enough, few that have tried a dedicated model would ever go back. Our 2008 RM Pro Model Snowkite boards offer stable riding in all conditions, a centered stance and symmetrical outline for true twin tip riding and enough sidecut radius to handle like a regular snowboard without being forced upwind all the time. We've combined our knowledge with that of World Vice Champion Snowkiter Remi Meum to bring you the most complete range of snow kite boards yet.

Our 2008 range ride smoother, faster and with more POP than ever before whilst the hyper flex zones increase the comfort levels for your legs on ice or hard packed snow.

The 163 is perfect for larger riders, powder riding and offers a truly convertible board for regular snowboarding as well as snowkiting.

The 157 is the choice of Remi for freestyle kiting offering ultimate POP and controlled landings.

The new size of 148 is designed for women and smaller riders who till now have been forced to ride regular snowboards due to the lack of availability of small dedicated snowkite boards.



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