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Brand: Naish


  • 128x37.5
  • 131x38.5
  • 134x39.5
  • 137x40.5
  • 140x41.5



The Sol consistently remains the range pushing the boundaries to offer the latest and greatest in performance featuring easy control.

If you liked the ‘07 Sol, you are going to be right at home with the ‘08 Sol. We’ve refined the Infinite Outline to keep the huge sweet spot the Sol is known for, but created a shorter more freestyle-friendly length. The exceptionally durable solid wood core that made its debut with the 2007 Sol has been refined for 2008. In addition to being a Naish exclusive construction, the wood core’s thickness taper has been refined for lighter weight in conjunction with a re-engineered lamination to achieve a higher performance flex.

The smooth and easy feel of the 2008 Sol works for any condition creating true All-Terrain performance.


  • Balance Flex
  • 08 Infinite Outline
  • Tapering ABS Sidewalls
  • All Terrain Performance


  • T2-HP Core Laminate
  • Snowboard Finish
  • Grav-D Strap System
  • 5.7cm Alloy Fins


Product PDF

Product PDF


Sol 2008 1.png

Sol 2008 2.png

Sol 2008 3.png

Sol 2008 4.png

Sol 2008 5.png




Sol 2008 137x40.5 -

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