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Brand: Best


  • 139x40


The new Spark is the perfect choice for Performance conscious beginners and intermediates.

With more new kitesurfers than ever taking up kitesurfing, the R&D team at Best Kiteboarding has been working flat out to deliver the ultimate beginners package.

To provide the ultimate kite and board package deal the R&D team has developed the all new Spark board. Designed for the cost conscious beginner looking for the best platform to accelerate their progress, the Spark board brings together a wide range of technologies from our entire board range at an amazing price point.

A resin impregnated Poplar wood core provides strength and flexibility in equal measure. Tuned to hold an accurate edge for charging upwind yet comfortable enough to soak up the chop; the Sparks combination of controlled flex and precision rocker provides control and versatility in equal measure. Alongside a Waroo it makes the perfect starter combination.

Marinized deck inserts provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance, while 29mm reinforced fin boxes add to the Spark’s robust build and ride anywhere ability. 139cm long by 40cm wide the Spark is built to plane early, allowing you to maximize the low end ability of your equipment.

Digitally printed top and bottom sheet graphics sandwich snowboard construction ABS rails, the Spark is built to be ridden hard and was designed with durability being a prime concern. Biax fiberglass lay-up combined with the Poplar wood core create a lively feel underfoot allowing all riders to at ease on the board in any conditions.

Aimed at the beginner rider the Spark is priced lower than you’d expect for any board with this specification, allowing you to own a complete set up of Waroo, 07 Best Bar, Spark board and Best harness for less than many other manufacturers kites alone.


  • Length: 139cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Stance: 40-52cm
  • Core: 'Poplar wood'
  • Base: P-tex
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Fins: 4
  • Bottom: Concave
  • Bindings: NO
  • Foot Straps: YES


Snowboard construction with ABS rail

High pressure laminate molding with ABS rail gives a durable board with plenty of edge bite.

Controlled flex zones

Variable fiber orientation and placement in the lay-up puts strength exactly where you need it without adding any weight.

CNC machined Poplar wood core

Smooth milled resin impregnated Poplar wood core eliminates molding voids for a more consistent and lighter board.

Marinized deck inserts

Salt resistant deck hardware, able to take the new Hover foot pads when you are ready to upgrade to sneaker style foot comfort.

Biax Glass fibre construction

Our board lay-ups are refined by hand until we get exactly the feel that Shannon demands from his boards, the combination of exacting material selection and fine hand tuning delivers a board worthy of Shannon’s name.

Digitally printed abrasion resistant top and bottom sheets

Ultra durable and highly scuff resistant, for hitting rails and kickers you couldn’t be better protected.

Offset insert position

Places your heel towards the edge of the deck to maximise leverage, allowing you push upwind with less effort and increased comfort.



07spark pic1.jpg

07spark pic2.jpg

07spark pic3.jpg

07Spark bottom lg.jpg

07Spark concave lg.jpg

07Spark edge lg.jpg

07Spark rocker lg.jpg



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