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Brand: Best


  • 127
  • 134
  • 140


You’ve just finished your lessons, and you already have a Waroo. Now you just need to choose the perfect board to help you progress. It has to be easy to ride, durable, and it has to look good as well. The Spark range has you covered.

With three different size models in the Spark range, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your size, weight, and skill level. Designed with progress in mind, we are sure you’ll keep your Spark long after you have completed your first season.

Priced lower than you would expect for a board with these specifications, the Spark’s core, layup and computer-generated 3D Circuit flex are inspired by the Ouija. Every bit as versatile as its big brother, with a more forgiving ride and flex to soak up any chop, it’s the perfect first board for any rider.

Spark: Expect to be shocked


Woodflex Core

A thin section core profile made from lighter graded Poplar wood provides the added flex and comfort that riders need from their first board.

45-90 Layup

For a more forgiving flex and softer damping we use a multi-weight Biaxial fiberglass layup on the Spark range. Each size of board receives a different blend of cloth weights to provide a consistent handling feel right across the range.

Discreet Mounting System

Utilizing individual mounting blocks for all fin and strap hardware means the natural flex patterns and strength of our twin-tip boards are not compromised by providing multiple foot strap position options.

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