Spitfire 2008

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Brand: Extreme Explosive Elegance


  • 130x38
  • 135x40
  • 140x42


3e spitfire is a light weight board even with pads straps and fins mounted on the board the weight of the board remains low. The outline of the spitfire is comparable with F.one Trax and some other more rounder boards on the market. This way the Spitfire will offer you a lot of comfort in choppy conditions and also on waves. Because of the rounded inverted rail you as a rider will notice that you can speed up by pushing down on your back foot. Press down the tail and you will see that you can carve this board pretty hard and go upwind really easy. It’s really easy to spin this board around even when its still in the water just push that back foot again and twist your board in the direction you want it to turn.

When you want to pop you will see that the board grips in really well and you will pop explosively into the air. Because of the boards shape and rail you can land with small mistakes and correct them easily on the water again by rotating the board back as said before.

Because of the loose feeling of the rail you will see that you can ride waves with this board really well. Most of the weight is on the back foot so that’s why you can rip the waves up hard!

Overall this board will give you the ultimate freestyle sensation. 1 tip from 3e Try the Slided handle pass.

Board Specs:

  • Woodcore
  • 700 GR Fiber glass
  • Inverted rail
  • Dynamic Flex
  • Perfect pop







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