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Brand: Starkites


  • 134x42
  • 140x43


The new Sprint08 boards range has been created to offer riders an accessible comfy board to progress in most of kite styles.

We focused on developing a light and responsive board to delight riders experiencing new sensations in free style but also waves and big air.

Its special construction, shape and large width, will ensure you to plane early in light wind.

Sprint08 provides comfort and confidence while riding choppy waters. Its flex will enable you to deal easily with riding up wind in gusty conditions, and prevent damage during heavy landing.

As for all our products, our boards are designed and manufactured with strong durable components:

  • Wood core for durability and flexibility.
  • ABS sidewall for increased impact strength and ensuring a smooth and durable ride.
  • Progressive outline allowing easier upwind possibilities.
  • Constant rocker line accentuated during pronounced turns and edging for improved edging effect.
  • 3D molded deck to perform any grabs anywhere on the board

Available in 2 sizes, Sprint08 - 140x43cm will be perfect for free style in light and medium winds and enjoyable in waves. Sprint08 - 134x42cm most wanted for free style (due to more scoop) and waves.

Sprint08 is fully equipped with thick pads and exclusive 2 inches (5cm) «Jet fin» design (G10 epoxy resin) to provide stability, speed and outstanding grip.


Product PDF

Product PDF


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