Square 2004

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Brand: Airush


  • One 179x49
  • Two 155x45


Square One

The Square One was the best selling Kiteboard in 2003. It was the start of a new breed of twin tip, which was a welcome companion to hundreds of new kiteboarding riders. Our largest twin tip design, its volume, length and width make for very low power usage. Allowing riders to learn with smaller kites in a much safer environment. The ability of the Square One to coast (glide time) after the power is interrupted is exceptional; making the learning process much faster and more fluid as power strokes and edging is mastered. Unusual for such a large board it remains agile and responsive to give accurate feedback and carving ability under foot pressure. It remains the fastest and most cost effective way to start kiteboarding. Your ticket to get ripping in the shortest time possible.

Square Two

The Square Two is the smaller sibling to the Square One. In this size it is a more progressive board for entry level and intermediate kiteboarders. Although it is not as easy as the Square One to initially learn with, it offers a huge amount of potential as your standard improves. The shape is taken from the largest Switch, and as such shares the phenomenal performance characteristics of this all-new design concept. Huge power range, exceptional early planning, stability, ease and comfort make the Square Two the ideal first time twin tip.

The Square Two is produced in the "Square" technology and offered at an introduction price, with the simple reason that like the Square One it is an industry wide promotional tool to attract more people to the sport.



Squareone 2004.gif Square One

Squaretwo 2004.gif Square Two



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