Square 2006

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Brand: Airush


  • 150x43
  • 155x45


The functional design of the Square ensures that learners progress quickly, allowing them to stay upwind with ease. The higher volume means a relatively smaller kite can be used for increased safety and progression.

Derived from the Switch series, the Square's outline features a wide center point with relatively narrower tips. The width ensures ease of use and early planing, while the narrower tips increase control and edging at higher speeds.


Flytech Construction

The EPS Core technology is most suitable for high volume kiteboards, due to its low density and, therefore, low core weight. The lightweight core is combined with unidirectional and standard glass. This ensures that boards remain as light as possible and still survive the abuse from learners, schools, and recreational riders. A bombproof top sheet layer is added to the bottom and deck to further enhance these characteristics.

When used on the Square series, a bombproof PPT layer is added to the bottom and deck to further enhance these characteristics.

The EPS construction allows us to feature a tucked rail shape, which is more forgiving and ideal for this rider group with a topsheet bottom for increased durability.


  • EPS Construction features a lighter core material for reduced weight in higher volume boards.
  • Rounded custom rails do not catch when turning, for a forgiving ride.
  • Three-stage rocker optimized for upwind performance and early planing.
  • Single concave bottom for early planing, a softer ride through chop, and improved upwind performance.
  • The wake series fins offer a combination of good tracking and forgiving turns.
  • Heel fins make the Square easier to drive upwind and hold the heel edge.



Square 2006 deck.jpg



Trim Tips