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What happened?

A kiter wanted to launch his kite on Ruegen, Germany. The conditions were strong, onshore winds, with gusts up to 37 knots. The iter wanted to trim his 9m kite and launched it, with the help of 2 friends holding on to him. The were standing on grass, which was wet. The kite's lines had a tangle, therefore the kite created lots of pull, and all 3 were pulled for about 10m, then the kite got even more powered up, the harness grab handle broke and the 2 helpers lost the kiter, he got lofted and hit a 1.5m high sand wall.

I got airlifted to the hospital, broke his head and shoulder.

What can we learn?

  • Do not go out in onshore winds.
  • Do not launch your kite in strong winds.
  • If you need to trim your kite, expect the kite to have too much power to handle. Try to avoid to trim a kite in strong winds. And if you need to trim it, don't do it in onshore winds. You can trim it in sideshore winds, standing in the water, that will give you some time to act if something is not correct.