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Brand: Litewave


  • 5'8"


Over a year of R&D in Mauritius, California, and Florida led Litewave to develop this hot new SurfShape. It is designed for the waves. A  pulled in bat-tail outline and a faster-gun style rocker allows this board to really drive through and keep speed in the bottom turns, while the quad-fin configuration gives incredible grip for snappy off-the-lips. The quad fin also makes for a  wave board with limitless top end speed yet very snappy and responsive feel unlike other thruster configurations which are slower.

The Surfshape 5'8" has been constructed to really withstand the abuse that a kite rider will give it. Machined EPS core is wrapped with wood-veneer/glass/epoxy composite laminate to provide impact resistance and the optimum strength-to-weight ratio.



SurfShape 2008 1.png




SurfShape 2008 5'8" -

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