Sutra 2007

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Brand: Takoon


  • 126x38
  • 129x38
  • 129x40
  • 132x40


The Sutra is a high performance board for riders who like to be at their limits. It is aimed at radical riders looking for an edgy board. Its thin ABS and square rails makes it the perfect complement to Karma boards.

Sutra’s gliding is excellent even in choppy condition. It starts early and gliding is exceptional. Always under control, it makes you feel confident from the very first rides. Fluid, balanced, its agressivness comes along with comfort…. Edging for jumps are precise, the board gives a really control feeling. Landings are soft and easy. Its scoop evolution gives the Sutra more fluidity .

Technical emphasis has been put on the core construction to offer an excellent weight/solidity ratio.The 3D asymmetrical shape makes it possible to distribute an optimized flex control. Heel side is more rigid than toe side, changing flex depending on the board’s position. So better pop for tricks and maximum control during bottom turn! Note some reinforcements under heels to increase the resistance of the board.


Product PDF

Product PDF


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