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Brand: Airush


  • 156x37.6
  • 160x38.2
  • 170x38.8
  • 180x39.5


The Switch is the perfect combination between Wakestyle and Directional boards. The boards have the edging ability of a wakeboard due to the wakeboard shaped rails yet with added volume in the middle section which is enabled by stepped rails.

Switch 156

The extended "stepped-up" ends make them more forgiving than wakeboards. These footstrap equipped boards give the bi-directional ability of wakes with the manners of Directionals. Jimmy has based the Switch on the wake technology, so what you get is the performance of a wakeboard with ease of a directional. The boards deliver a sure-footed feel that comes from Jimmy's rocker, but with the quick radical feel of the small fins.

Switch 160

The Switch delivers an insane grip mixed with plenty of volume and when it is fully powered its hard to tell the Switch from a Wakestyle. Like the Wakestyles, each Switch model has a specifically selected fin to suit its width and performance band.

Switch 170

The 2002 Switches are next-generation in twin-tip technology; a synthesis between wake grip and twin tip ease. Taking the concepts of twin tip designs further: more grip, more control, and more ease coupled with a smoother ride and a more radical feel.




Switch 2002 156.gif Switch 156

Switch 2002 160.gif Switch 160

Switch 2002 170.gif Switch 170

Switch 2002 180.gif Switch 180



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