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Brand: Airush


  • 135x39
  • 142x41
  • 150x43
  • 155x45


The Switch has undergone a complete transformation for 2004. This year?s outline is far shorter and wider and carries 6 fins for increased edging. It uses the segmented rocker profile for increased wind range and early planning, together with the sectional rail uplift, which allows for a slightly sharper rail giving more bite and edge control. No more sectional steps in the nose area so you get cleaner and more efficient water release.

For entry-level riders the Switch has extremely early planning, which means you can learn with minimal kite power, making it easier and safer. It efficiently powers you upwind, providing a great wind range that makes the board drive hard in the gusts with total stability. The ride is directionally stable, comfortable and the segmented rocker allows for a smooth ride over chop, and of course the Switch offers masses of riding potential to grow into as your ability improves.

For expert riders it offers even more, for it?s overall handling characteristics are so vast it has received enormous praise from within the team. Firstly it has a huge wind range, planning up to 3-4 knots earlier than before making it the ultimate light wind option, at the same time it is compact, directionally stable yet agile for blind moves, stance switching and transitional aerials. At speed it is smooth, fast, efficient and stable. Above all it is a board that not only offers blistering performance but also is especially comfortable and trusting. From your very first run, it just feels right.



2004 switch 135.gif

2004 switch 142.gif

2004 switch 150.gif

2004 switch 155.gif



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