Switch Classic 2002

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Brand: Airush


  • 150x42
  • 180x45


The Switch concept introduced in 2001 was so successful that we are keeping this very versatile and easy-to-use board range as our Switch Classic line - only with renewed art work and refined fins. Their success is driven by the wider outline that allows for early planing and superb handling in gusty conditions.

Switch Classic 150

The Switch 150 combines a symmetric outline with a biased rocker, making it a directional twin-tip. The fine rails cut through the water ensuring enough board control and plenty of edging for upwind grip. The straps can be set up for directional or twin-tip stances.

Switch Classic 180

The Switch 180 is a wide bi-directional twin-tip with thin rails to ensure proper grip. It has a higher volume along the center-line for effortless planing. Designed around a refined Wakestyle rocker, you can boost air or land in any direction. This is also a great light-wind board for gusty conditions, and can also be used as an entry to kiteboarding that does not require jibing.




Switchcl 2002 150.gif Switch Classic 150

Switchcl 2002 180.gif Switch Classic 180



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