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Brand: Peter Lynn


  • 15.0


The Synergy is a completely new kite designed for kiteboarding. It is an all round kite which will suit any style of riding. By using the latest developments in Twinskin design, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding has come up with a new kite that performs better than any other Twinskin before. The Synergy has been designed for use on the water, but as with all Twinskins the easy handling and user friendliness make it a very good kite for landboarding and snowkiting as well.

The big difference between this new kite model and previous models is the flying speed, turning speed and power. By using a more advanced and aggressive profile as well as a new method of panel shaping, the Synergy flies faster, giving you a better low end performance with a more aggressive lift. The new tip design, in combination with the VPC system, create a fast turning kite with very direct steering. The VPC system has been improved for easier adjustment possibilities to suit your personal style of riding. The low end performance is better compared to last years models. Not only will this kite produce more power that previous Twinskin designs, in the lower wind conditions the kite will perform better due to it's increased flying speed, turning speed and lift, making it more fun to fly your kite when you are less powered up.



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Synergy 2008 12.0 -

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Synergy 2008 15.0 - kitesurfsantacruz

Synergy 2008 15.0 - kitesurfsantacruz

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