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Brand: Skywalker


  • 134x39


Despite the amazing success of the 2006 T-Wave, we still determined to tweak it for even better performance. As a result, the 2007 T-wave is flat-bottomed and asymmetrical - 4cm longer overall, 2 cm wider on the nose, and 2 cm narrower at the tail. Simply by adjusting your stance you can ride this board anywhere. Take a middle stance for flat water and move your stance back for the waves. If you loved the 06 T-Wave, wait until you try this baby. It carves and tracks like no other board on the market, allowing the most radical bottom turns of your life - and this board won't slip off your feet.

Successfully tested last autumn on the Atlantic shores of North Carolina and Tarifa, the T-Wave bottom remains flat to promote early planning between wave sets. Tracking and turning like no other wave board on the market, it can be tuned to your local wave conditions and also be used as a traditional twin tip. Wave versatility is the key performance criterion here. The T-wave is the perfect board to travel with - one board for waves, port tack, starboard tack, flat water - all wrapped in Fack'N Strong Technlogy. Complete Weight: 7 lbs./3.2 kg.

Graph twave.jpg



Colors board dimitri green t-wave.jpg

Twave large.jpg

Fins bottom twave.jpg

Twave stance.jpg



Trim Tips

Custom Railing

The boards come with 3D sharp rails that can easily be sanded down with some sand paper. The reason we have sharp rails is to satisfy riders that love sharp rails.

If you decide to change your rails from sharp to rounder shaped rails, here are the steps:

  • Use 2 kinds of sand paper (#150 and a fine one #320. See picture below)
  • Start sanding the HEAL side first, but make sure you to sand down only from one pad to the other pad leaving a at least 12 inches towards the tips sharp. I would not recommend sanding down the toe side.

Deep Scratches

The FS boards are very strong but you will still get scratches from sliding different hard objects such as rocks, slider, piers, cars, roads etc... The best way to repair these scratches it is to use some #320 sand paper or higher with some water. Most of the scratches and dings on the rails will be fixed but repairing the dings/scratches in the middle of the board will depend on how deep they are.

Sanding rails1.jpg

Sanding rails2.jpg

Sanding rails3.jpg