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Brand: Airush


  • 127x40


The T3 was developed for the aggressive freestyle rider with a passion for rails, sliders, and kickers -- or whatever pops up! The unique, aggressive, channel-bottom design allows for the use of fins 50% smaller than traditional kiteboard fins without loosing any edging ability. The reduced fin size improves the T-3's versatility when riding in a park style, while the progressive channel design also allows the board to be ridden easily in a finless configuration.


X-Link ABS Construction

Our unique X-Link ABS Construction combines the perfect flex and strength characteristics of our X-Link PVC core with a virtually indestructible ABS rail. The ABS section is inset into the laminate and forms a "grindable" rail that can withstand significantly more abuse than a wrapped rail construction. This construction uses a combination of unidirectional and biaxial cloth and asymmetrical wood reinforcing in the high impact heel area.

A PPT layer on the bottom and deck enhances the durability without limiting the flex characteristics.


  • Footstraps are standard with option for bindings.
  • Square ABS rails for increased durability and early planing.
  • 3 stage "competition" rocker for speed and early planing. The channeled center features a slightly increased rocker to prevent the nose from catching. The outer rails have a slightly flatter rocker for increased edging.
  • A new approach in flex, derived from wakeboarding, orients the flex point on the center of the board. This orients the T-3 towards more powered moves.
  • The unique, integrated fin bottom shape delivers the same edging feel as a board with fins twice the size.
  • The wide outline with larger tips ensures early planing and maximum pop. The relatively short length reduces swing weight.
  • Dedicated T-3 fins are integrated into the channels of the board. The fin outline is developed to flow easily over obstacles. Dual screw inserts to keep fins firmly in place.



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