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so I know everyone has there favorite kite for performance or bro deal but I would like to know which kite has the best safety system? I know which one I perfer but I would like to know what other peoples thoughts are.

so basically when the shit hits the fan and you need to eject out which safety its truely the safest one out there? and how difficult is the self-rescue going to be if you do pull your release.

Idea of remote blade cuting line

Hi, what do you think about the idea to fit the 4 lines, nearby the kite, a remote blade cuting line, that you can activate via a wireless High Frequency control button. Many post relate bad experience of lines traping hand, foot, hook...... With this remote cuting line, in case of such bad experience, the line is cut very near the kite, then the kite is free, (nearly) without danger as no line attached with it. On the kiter side, no more kite, no pulling power and he got more chance to free himself. I think, checking on the net what are existing in the aircarft modeling, it seems the balde device on the kite line ( the blade, the reception device and the battery ...) shall be aroud 100 gr. Not excessive. What do you think about?