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Baggage Allowance

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Excess Baggage

If your total baggage weight exceeds the limit detailed on your booking confirmation, excess hold baggage will be accepted for carriage subject to the conditions of acceptance of excess baggage, and will be charged at £6 / €9.00 (or local currency equivalent) per kg and longhaul £9 (or local currency equivalent) each way. Extra weight can be purchased in advance on at a discount during the flight booking process, or via the call centre.

Any single item of checked-in luggage must not exceed 32kg, as this exceeds the recommended guidelines for airport baggage handlers to lift.

Sports Equipment

Golf clubs, surfboards, skis, snowboards, windsurfers and hand gliders

If you would like to bring any of the items of sports equipment listed above, please contact us and pay an additional fee from £15 (or local currency equivalent for each item of equipment per flight. We only accept windsurfers or hangliders if the total length including the mast is less than 2 metres. The size of the hold does not permit bigger items and we will therefore refuse transport of any items that exceed this limit.

To guarantee a space within the aircraft hold for your equipment, you need to pre-book your item. Our aircraft hold is limited and we have a restriction on the amount of equipment that we can accommodate. If you do not pre-book, we will would only accept your equipment if there is sufficient room in the aircraft hold and you will have to pay the appropriate fee at the airport.

Please make every effort to secure your golf clubs and other sports equipment - we recommend that zipper type compartments are padlocked.

The transport of individual golf clubs as hand baggage is not permitted. If you wish to carry just one or two clubs, we recommend that they are protected in a padded box for carriage in the hold of the aircraft.


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Thomsonfly Baggage Policy