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Brand: Naish


  • 127x38
  • 129x39
  • 131x40
  • 133x41
  • 135x42



Since its introduction in 2004, the Thorn has set the standard for high performance twin tips. The Thorn is tuned with the highest tension flex and most powerful out- line shape of our 2008 line. Pro riders will appreciate the positive response and reliable control the Thorn offers for advanced freestyle, while intermediate freeriders benefit from the Thorn’s massive wind range, lively speed, and upwind efficiency.

For 2008, the Thorn has a refined shorter and wider outline. This new outline offers a quicker planing and more controlled ride. The Thorn also has an all-new solid wood core. This Naish exclusive technology delivers performance and durability like never before!

The 2008 Thorn exceeds its already great reputation as kiteboardings premier twin tip.


  • Response Flex
  • S130 Outline
  • Tapering ABS Sidewalls
  • Global Pro Performance


  • T2-NASA Tech Core Laminate
  • Snowboard Finish
  • Grav-D Strap System
  • Solid G-10 5.0cm Fins


Product PDF

Product PDF


Thorn 2008 1.png

Thorn 2008 2.png

Thorn 2008 3.png

Thorn 2008 4.png

Thorn 2008 5.png



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