Toxic Wave 2008

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Brand: RRD


  • 148x42


"Tricks and off the lips" - This is what the Toxic Wave by RRD is all about! The need of riding waves is not only a privilege of a few lucky kiters that live by the ocean. The Toxic Wave by RRD Twin-tip wave kiteboard has a directional outline and scoop-rocker line, but a twin-tip stance. You decide which way to ride waves ( front or backside) at the time to switch stance instead you simply switch the nose with the tail.

This great new concept will allow you to combine classic freestyle maneuvers with hardcore wave riding.

Design Features

The new RRD ergo heel ABS pre-bent pads , are delivered with each board, allowing a perfect match of foostrap and pad placement when changing position on the deck. A new specifically re-designed Kite Fin set for the Toxic Wave, two smaller fins for the nose and three bigger fins for the tail, allow to use the board at its maximum potential in the two different directions. A full concave bottom shape gives the board a solid grip feeling and allows a better upwind performance.

  • Dimension in cm: 148x42
  • Technology: PUT
  • Fin in cm: 2 x KF5 + 3 Surf 6,5



Toxic wave 2008 1.jpg




Toxic Wave 2008 -

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