Traction Extreme Bar 2008

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Brand: Flexifoil



The Traction Extreme bar is aimed at land, snow and water ram-air traction kite users.

This bar has a revolutionary adjustable spinning brake line safety system. On activating the new chicken loop primary release system the leash pulls the brake lines, killing the power in the kite. The rider is left attached to the kite via the leash attached to the two brake lines. The chicken loop has a built in swivel so that the flying lines can be unspun after doing a rotation.

This control bar is rated at 350kg making it strong enough for serious traction use. The bar comes with specifically designed thermoformed EVA grip making it comfortable on the hands but grippy when you need it.

Suitable for - Bullet, Rage, Blade and any other fixed-power 4-line traction kite. A harness is required for use with this bar.



Flexifoil Traction Extreme Bar 2008 1.jpeg



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