Traction Lite Control Bar 2008

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Brand: Flexifoil



The Traction Lite bar is a new bar for all fixed power 4-line ram-air style kites.

It is rated at 220kg making it suitable for static or recreational flying as well as light traction use, such as cruising on a land/snowboard. The bar’s simple safety system kills the power of the kite when you let go of the bar, leaving the flyer attached to the kite via a wrist strap attached to the brake lines. The safety system is also adjustable to your preferred setup.

There is also an adjuster at the top of the webbing strap which can be used to park the kite on the ground when not in use.

Suitable for - Bullet, Rage and any other fixed-power 4-line traction kite for light traction use.



Traction Control Bar 2008 1.jpeg



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