Trespass 2008

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Brand: Caution


  • 5'5"
  • 6'0"


Introducing the 2008 Trespass. This line of boards has been years in the making, with the Caution Team tirelessly testing board after board. The Trespass is built with the best materials available and comes stock with three fins, Caution traction pads and the most comfortable directional foot straps on the market. The boards come with high grade threaded inserts, strategically placed to provide three choices for strap placement to accommodate varying preferences for different stances. After two years and multiple shapes and brands of boards, the Trespass models are the hands down best shape and we know this because these boards have been coveted by our team riders for two years now. Ride what our team rider’s love, and take your riding to a whole new level.

Trespass 5'5"

This high performance stick is perfect for snapping off the lips, floating closeouts, and all around ripping the surf. The 5’5” gives a really solid “meat and potatoes” kind of bottom turn, the kind you can rely on in overhead surf, yet when you get to the top it delivers a snappy top turn, good for finding the lip and sending you back into the wave. The board’s template, tight rails and rocker give more precise control over bottom turns and yield greater drive and make this board our team rider’s no-brainer choice when their out in 7M or 9M Mayhem conditions.

Trespass 6'0"

With increased volume and a toned down rocker the 6’ 0” Trespass was shaped for lighter wind conditions and the heavier riders out there. This board loves to be ridden strapless, and is a great transition for riders that are trying to make the switch from twin tip boards to directional surfboards. The 6’ 0” draws a solid bottom turn and has ample grip off the top. This is an ideal board for bigger waves or lighter wind, when the waves are glassy and riders need a little more board volume to use the energy of the wave and compensate for declining kite power.



Trespass 2008 55.gif 5'5"

Trespass 2008 60.gif 6'0"

Trespass 2008 1.gif

Trespass 2008 2.gif

Trespass 2008 3.gif

Trespass 2008 4.gif

Trespass 2008 5.gif

Trespass 2008 6.gif



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