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Brand: Blade


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There are many obstacles to deal with when starting a new kite design from scratch – but it’s also the challenge and endless possibilities that drove the Blade design team to face those obstacles head on. The introduction of another kite to the Blade family gives the option of selecting a kite that is the best match for your individual preferences.

The new Trigger kite has been designed to be a forgiving kite with easy relaunch abilities that provides constant maximum power throughout every movement. While we were thinking about the necessities for freerider techniques when designing this kite, it turns out that the final product is also an ideal beginner kite.

Kite Design

The supported leading edge (SLE) kites available today have a pretty decent reputation. While designing the Trigger, we went a step further and addressed a few issues that are generally associated with these types of kites. We kept the classic SLE kite design which gives the Trigger a lot of power with easy relaunchability while we developed unique modifications to the profile and leading edge shape to resolve issues with slow turns, delayed steering, and uneven power spikes.

Being enthusiasts of the pulley bridle system but wanting better control, we created a uniform bridle system that responds quickly to steering commands while still turning quickly. With these transformations and a much more efficient profile, the Trigger is powerful even in lighter wind ranges since it moves faster and maximizes constant power. Overall, the Trigger is characterized by a lot of stability and power which is actually maintained throughout kite maneuvers.

In addition, the Trigger has a low aspect ratio in order to increase the kite’s user friendliness, but we refused to sacrifice the high performance level of the kite which is what makes it ideal for high jumps with extensive airtime. While the power of the kite will get you up higher, the leading edge size will give you the extensive air time.

A necessity for freeride and freestyle alike, the Trigger is also capable of smoother and more controlled kiteloops since we have eliminated uneven power bursts and adjusted the bridle system for a smoother ride.

In keeping with the classic characteristics of an SLE kite, the simple relaunch system which will get you back on track quickly will be appreciated by most riders. Here, once again, the slightly lower aspect ratio and bridle system contribute to this valuable feature.

As with every Blade kite, the design features of each kite size was specially engineered to balance out. Each size has a slightly varied shape which utilizes the profile to the fullest. This prevents the kite from fluttering even when it is completely depowered and preserves the characteristics that make the Trigger distinctive.


Kite design has progressed a lot over the passed few years and we have all learned that while a certain design features could work for one kite size it might not be ideal for a different size. Bearing this in mind, each size category was designed with specific characteristics to increase performance and ease of use. On the smaller kites we focused on enhancing the performance in stronger wind conditions so the profile is slightly softer. For the larger kite sizes we wanted to increase the power and turning speed so the profile is stronger.

These individual compositions for each kite size allowed us to improve different aspects in specific sizes. Our smaller kites were already very reactive and with this distinctive profile they are now much more stable as well as efficient in stronger wind conditions. In the larger kites, we applied a stronger profile to address underpower issues while improving the turning speed and adding a more direct feeling between the bar and the kite.

Kite Construction

In keeping with the Blade reputation for products that are built to last, the 2009 product line is produced with top quality materials from the most respected vendors in the industry. Through the use of insignia tape, padding, and sturdy fabric, our kites are ready to stand up to the toughest conditions. Our unique Double Rip Stop Layer is concentrated on the most delicate areas of the kite and our seams have more protection than ever before. All construction features have been balanced with the kite design for highly efficient performance and durability.

In addition, our MAD2 advanced inflation system is the newest Blade addition. The uniquely molded valve pieces have passed rigorous tests in uncontrolled environments and have proven to be 100% foolproof.

The Riders

Let’s face facts – generally kiters are looking for a reliable kite that will allow them to improve their skills and compensate for mistakes they’re likely to make. The Trigger is the answer that you might be looking for if you want the classic 4-line bridle kite but find yourself getting frustrated with unresponsiveness or slow turns or having difficulty maintaining the power.

Now that you’ve been formally introduced to the newest addition to the Blade line, come down to one of our testing spots and introduce yourself.


Product PDF

Product PDF


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