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Brand: Airush


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Conceived by Ben Severne the Trio created a milestone in kiteboarding. It was the first kite to truly tame the sport to such a degree that anyone could learn. It's safe handling and huge wind range brought many people into the high performance side of the sport with astounding speed. The unique concept of 3 struts produces and incredibly light kite, combined with a unique foiling that delivers a large wind range and very controlled power delivery, endearing the rider with absolute trust at all times. The Trio is very responsive due to its lightweight and secure foil shape. Its turning ability is direct and immediate, combined with the superior stability it has a smooth power flow. Sporting a new panel layout to help better control loads throughout the kite surface. Wing tips have been slightly enlarged this year to give greater turning response, which offers more performance should you wish it. We have added multiple tip attachment points, which allow you to tune the kites turning speed for beginners and experts alike. The foil is such that it remains totally solid overhead, never luffing or turning without permission, yet the Trio's ability to penetrate the front of the window is exceptional, resulting in a huge wind range. So great is the de-power ability, with progressive turning speed and controlled acceleration the Trio makes kiting easier and safer than ever before. Finally, make no mistake? the Trio is still capable of delivering high performance. In comparative tests it?s upwind, de-power, jumping and high wind capability in experienced hands far exceeds many performance-marketed kites available today. So don?t be fooled, easy free ride kiting it may be; yet the Trio is still an extremely impressive kite even to experts.

Ability level

Beginner to Intermediate

Riding style

Ultimate in control with performance that only the dedicated will surpass. The ultimate in easy cruising that will surprise the most experienced riders.

Relaunch ability

Super easy!

Riding speed

Slow to Medium

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