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Brand: Globe Kites


  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 12.0
  • 15.0


The ’07 GK Trix is a Supported Leading Edge (SLE), low aspect, hybrid profile, 4 line kite with 100% depower capability.

The GKTrix is specifically designed for beginners and waveriders. It incredible stability and smooth predictable power delivery. The Trix is perfect for beginners needing a slower, stable kite with easy relaunch; or for expert wave riders wanting stability, responsive turning and instant depower for tearing the waves apart with confidence.

The GKTrix has a low aspect ratio and a hybrid shape for ideal flight performance. The ’07 KPO offer riders of the Trix a huge wind range and the ability to customize the feel through the bar for personalized set up.


GK Trix 2007 7.png



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