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Brand: Globe Kites


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The VSonic is a 4 line kite with 100 % depower capabilities by simply pushing the bar out. The patented bridle system (A-KPO) maintains excellent steering ability even when fully depowered (see A-KPO). The VSonic strut profile is flat and fast, giving the kite huge boost and upwind performance. The arc of the Vsonic is very flat giving it a huge power for size ratio and creating a smaller, faster, more powerful kite. The unique outline shape of the Vsonic shows a kite with a low aspect, (stable, slow, and grunty) central region, and fast high aspect wing tips where the turning and control takes place. The result is an overall increase in stability, turn speed and wind range and water relaunch. (learn more - see innovation). The total wind range is exceptional, but the what sets the GKVSonic aside from other high performance kites is the usable wind range. With tight back lines even when depowered, the kite is still responsive in very high winds.

The VSonic is a Supported Leading Edge (SLE), high performance 4 line kite, with 100 % depower capability.

The VSonic is for riders who want a fast, high boosting kite. It has been designed for speed, upwind performance, huge lift and massive wind range. Another world first for GK is the unique shape of the leading edge of the VSonic. With a low aspect central region and high aspect wing tips, the VSonic delivers superior stability, increased power in light winds, faster turns and even easier relaunch.

The VSonic has pushed the boundaries of kite performance in all the key areas; Wind Range, Stability, Turn Speed, Relaunch, and Power Delivery. All levels of riders will enjoy the superior performance of the VSonic.


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