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Brand: Airush


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Airush are proud to introduce the Vapor, a Flat 5 kite that is setting the new benchmark in kiteboarding.

The Vapor focuses on maintaining the steering characteristics of a high performance C-Kite with a new level of extended wind range and depower traditionally only found in bridled kites. The Flat 5 configuration features a super functional 5 line design without any additional bridling. The Vapor is excellent for all levels of riding from dedicated wave riding to dedicated freestyle and is perfect for hooked in or unhooked riding.

Unlike traditional 5th line kites, the Vapor has a 5th line fixed stopper which keeps the 5th line exactly the same length as your front lines. This enables you to adjust your depower and 5th line length in one go without having to adjust and re-cleat your 5th line every time the wind changes. It also prevents “bowed out” slack section in the fifth line and maintains the correct amount of tension on the leading edge. Therefore stabilizing the leading edge curve, eliminating the steering lag or tangles which are caused by bridles.


  • Unique 5th line fixed stopper, ensuring 5th line maintains equal length with front lines
  • Pulley free bar for high performance C-Kite feel
  • Light, responsive bar with power steering sensation
  • Flat 5 design without bridles
  • Over sized valve inlet of single pump system for easy inflation
  • Modular single pump system for easy maintenance



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Vapor 2007 10.0 -

Vapor 2007 10.0 -

Vapor 2007 10.0 - IKSurfMag

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