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Brand: Airush


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The steering performance and characteristics of an advanced C-Kite with a radical increase wind range and depower more comparable to a BOW or Hybrid kite.



  • Focus in maintaining the steering characteristic of a high performance C-Kite with a new level of extended wind range and depower traditionally only found in bridled kites.
  • Flat 5 configuration featuring a super functional 5 line design without any additional bridling.
  • Excellent for all level of riding from dedicated wave riding to dedicated freestyle.
  • Perfect for hooked in and unhooked riding.
  • Extended wind range & huge depower
  • Smooth power delivery
  • SPS (single pump system)
  • Simple to re launch with rollover relaunch


Forward Speed: This can be defined as the speed with which the kite travels. Kites with a higher forward speed will travel quickly through the air and to the edge of the power window in the shortest period. Kites with a higher forward speed will generate a more mmediate pull or “drive”.

Turning Speed: Turning speed defines the rate of change of direction for the kite once it has been steered by the rider. It is important to understand that kites can have a high turning speed without having a high forward speed. This should be noted in the differentiation between Pivotal and power turning on each kite.

Low end power: The kites ability to generate drive at a lower relative wind speed.

Jumping: The kites ability to provide a high lift component resulting in high altitude. Also referred to as boost. A kites ability to have a high boost, does not always interpret into longer hang time.

Hangtime: This refers to the kites “glide rate” and the kites ability to keep the rider in the air for as long as possible.

Stability: This refers to the kites ability to maintain an normal flying position even if subjected to poor rider input, mistakes and gusty wind conditions.

Relaunching: The kites ability to roll over and be re launched once crashed leading edge down or sideways in the water.


For best performance, kites need to remain as light as possible while still taking the blows of everyday use. For 07 we have focused on increased durability through improved load transfer from the wingtips, additional seam reinforcement in all high load canopy areas, and new construction techniques in connecting the struts to the canopy and LE. All of these major improvements are combined with attention to the smallest details, compliments of our extensive school and testing program.

2008 Vapor Tech1.jpg Turning Speed Attachments

2008 Vapor Tech2.jpg Canopy Seam Reinforcment

2008 Vapor Tech3.jpg Strut Bumpers

2008 Vapor Tech4.jpg Line Attachment Reinforcement

2008 Vapor Tech5.jpg Rescue Handles

2008 Vapor Tech6.jpg Heavy Duty LE Seam(Back)

2008 Vapor Tech7.jpg Single Pump Inflation

2008 Vapor Tech8.jpg 20mm Markcloth Trailing Edge

2008 Vapor Tech9.jpg Dacron Re-Inforcement LE

2008 Vapor Tech10.jpg Segmented Leading Edge

2008 Vapor Tech11.jpg Wingtip Bumpers

2008 Vapor Tech12.jpg Flat Stitching

Comparisons & Questions

Compared to the Flow

  • The Vapor is designed to work together with the Flow to meet the demand of the majority of the Freeride market.
  • Due to the Bar release safety on the Flow and focus on stability the Flow is more suited to entry level Customers.
  • The Vapor has faster steering than the Flow
  • The vapor is faster through the window than the Flow.
  • The Vapor is less pivotal in its steering moving more towards the Reactor in its steering characteristics.

Compared to the Reactor

  • The Vapor is designed to be more forgiving than the Reactor while still maintaining the high performance C-Kite steering characteristics.
  • The Vapor has an increased wind range over the reactor due to the unique flat 5 design.
  • The vapor has increased resting stability making it more suitable for intermediate riders.

Buy this kite if you want:

  • The steering performance and characteristics of an advanced C-Kite with a radical increase wind range and depower more comparable to a BOW or Hybrid kite.



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