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Brand: North


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As progressive freestyle kiteboarding evolves, the Vegas adapts and conquers! The '08 Vegas is a high de-power C-design tuned for direct bar-feel and constant power to give you confidence when loading up, unhooking and throwing powered tricks and jumps. Smooth, reactive steering gives the kite a very lively and crisp feel and also makes the Vegas perfect for kite-loops. 5th Element safety lets you go for glory with peace of mind while the Vegas' quick, easy re-launch gets you back up and riding hassle-free after a wipe-out.

In '08 the Vegas easily lives up to it's reputation as the definitive freestyle kite, robust construction and unmistakable style.


  • Direct bar feel
  • Constant Power
  • Quick & easy relaunch
  • 5th Element safety
  • High depower C-design
  • Cam Battens


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Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF


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Action Video

Flying in the Air

Rolling up your Kite



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Vegas 2008 - Kite Magazin

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Vegas 2008 -

Trim Tips

Fronttube Pressure

If you have a bit more weight and take the kite out in stronger winds, it is recommended to pump the fronttube very hard, otherwise the part of the fronttube close to the tip might stall during a fully loaded jump. Once the fronttube is pumped hard, it does not happen.