Vegas Board 2005

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Brand: Takoon


  • 127x35.5
  • 128x38
  • 137x36.5
  • 138x39


The Vegas range is the 2004 best surprise! Discover it in a new construction.

This year, the concept has been optimized to full fill your requirements and to make you benefit from the latest technologies. Construction has been reinforced providing solidity while keeping optimum weight.

Great edge work, light weight, responsive, your Vegas is built up to play!

A new state of the art technology, top of the range construction has been used to give maximum performance. High pressure ABS Sandwich technology characterizes all the Vegas boards. Thanks to this construction technology, the best quality materials can be used with optimum impregnation of each layer of sheet. The board s flex is therefore better controlled and the shape perfectly adhered to. Thanks to this technology, developed in our new board manufacturing facility, the weight of Vegas boards is equivalent to the best pro-rider custom boards.

All Vegas boards come with 4 new G10 fins, new Takoon ergonomic foot pads and straps and a Takoon grab handle.

NVS acts as a spatula, it allows you to massively reduce the risk of being thrown from the board if it gets submerged by a wave, in choppy conditions or on difficult landing from a jump. On the Takoon Vegas, the reinforcements and shaping of the rails enable you to 'grab' your board with maximum confidence and grip.

Ideal kite size:

  • 127x35.5: between 7 m2 and 14.5m2.
  • 128x38: between 9 m2 and 16m2.
  • 137x36.5: between 9 m2 and 20m2.
  • 138x39: between 11.5 m2 and 24m2.


Main characteristics are its speed, edging and maneuverability. Ideal for wave riding and freestyle. Full carbon construction.


The same program in lighter winds. Excellent slide for the board voted most popular board in 2004.


The all-conditions board. Great edge holding, lively, this board cuts it in all sorts of wind and water conditions.


the most accessible of the Vegas range but is still a board with exceptional performance. Its playground: light to moderate winds.



Takoon Vegas 2005 1.jpg

Takoon Vegas 2005 4.png

Takoon Vegas 2005 5.png

Takoon Vegas 2005 3.jpg

Takoon Vegas 2005 2.jpg




Vegas 2005 127 -

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