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Brand: Blade


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The staff at Blade was determined to fill a gaping void in the kiting market and develop an amazing flat kite that feels like a C-shaped and would accommodate both freestyle and wave riders – uniting both styles in the ultimate in performance and functionality.

The De-Power is similar to a flat kite, maneuvers like a C-kite, and is specially designed for the extreme riders who crave fast turns, big jumps, and killer kite-loops.

  • Number One Hybrid - Freestyle Kite On The Market
  • Hi-Speed Turning
  • Maintains Steady Power Throughout Kite-Loop
  • Massive Jumps
  • Releases Power Like A Flat Kite
  • Small Leading Edge Increases Aerodynamics Resulting In An Improved Overall Performance
  • New & Improved Bar System

The R&D department worked days and nights to develop this specialized two-in-one kite. The innovative design features both bridles and a fifth line. The bridles run along half of the kite to give it the amazing wind range of a flat kite, while the fifth line provides support to the small leading edge. The rider can enjoy a kite with increased aerodynamic surface for quicker turns and faster flying due to the small leading edge. The incredible result is a one of a kind kite never before seen on the market, which is sure to please every rider under any kiting condition.

  • Re-Enforced Dacron On Trailing Edge
  • Bridle Guards Prevents Bridle From Untangling
  • Leading Edge Is Re-Enforced With Mark Cloth And Seam Protectors on ALL Segments.
  • Re-Enforced Mark Cloth On All Struts, Strut Seams, And Leading Edge Seams
  • Prepared With Only Top Quality Material

Construction Material

  • 160g Dacron for the Leading edge, struts, and wingtips.
  • 52g Polyester Ripstop for canopy.
  • 0.11mm UVA for bladders.
  • 1.5mm Protection Guard.
  • All seems are glued before stitching.



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