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Brand: Blade


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With the use of cutting edge technology, the 2008 Blade Vertigo possesses a revolutionary design that will bring you remarkable overall performance for the ultimate riding experience.

The new Vertigo outshines the competition with its extensive airtime, massive jumps, powerful pull, and slight bar pressure which is sure to be enjoyed by our freestyle riders. The ground breaking Wingtip Spoilers create sharp and precise pivot turns while maintaining overall kite stability - a feature that is guaranteed to please riders from beginner to advanced levels of experience. This unique element makes it especially ideal for riders who are seeking quick turns for wave riding.

With even more insignia tape, more padding, and an advanced production system applied to the leading edge seam, the Vertigo 2008 will survive even the harshest beatings. The durable kite construction will allow you to spend more time with your new kite in the water and less time in the repair shop.

Excelling in virtually all aspects of kiting, the versatility of the Vertigo 2008 makes it an unbeatable choice for diverse wind conditions, varied riding styles and every experience level - all in the convenient package of one extraordinary kite.


The Blade Team focused the Vertigo 2008 design to feature details that enhance all facets of your kiting experience from the kite set-up to an effortless water relaunch system.

MAD (Multi-valve Airflow Distribution) System

The advanced inflation system can be converted in seconds from a multi-valve to a one-pump arrangement

Versatile Line Set Up

Users can choose to fly the kite with either a 4 or 5 line bar depending on personal preference

Subtle Bar Pressure

Riders feel the power of the kite without exerting too much energy on controlling the bar

Extensive Power Range

The simple power/depower system exhibits an impressive wind range that will cover light to strong winds in seconds

Easy Water Relaunch

A slightly wider leading edge allows the kite to maintain shape while in the water which makes relaunching the kite easier than ever


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF








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