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Brand: Blade


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The Blade design team was excited to get to work on the Vertigo 2009 model. Using last year’s model as a solid foundation – they set out to maintain the impressive turning speed, extensive depower, and great pop while canceling out the slight delay in response and increasing the kite’s power and pull. The result is an all around kite that can endure the demands of every kiter, especially wave riders and beginners, and live up to the standards that kiters have come to expect from the Blade products.

Kite Design

The mechanics of kite design are fairly simple – tweak certain features in order to get the result that you want. Still, it was thanks to our expert designers that we were able to achieve the seamless balance in design aspects so that riders can enjoy increased response time without losing the features that have made the Vertigo critically acclaimed.

The major changes that were made on the Vertigo 2009 are evident on the kite profile. We implemented a narrower wingtip shape which, with the combination of the specialized leading edge size, allowed us to minimize the drag, increase turning speed, and achieve a direct steering feel which is rarely seen in pulley bridle systems. Also, it was important for us to keep the pulley bridle system to maintain Vertigo’s depower abilities.

The combination of a modified arc shape and technologically enhanced bridle system increase the depower capabilities of the kite without sacrificing the stability. With greater depower, the kite can handle an even wider wind range while remaining stable even in gusty conditions.

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Kite design has progressed a lot over the passed few years and we have all learned that while a certain design features could work for one kite size it might not be ideal for a different size. Bearing this in mind, each size category was designed with specific characteristics to increase performance and ease of use. On the smaller kites we focused on enhancing the performance in stronger wind conditions so the profile is slightly softer. For the larger kite sizes we wanted to increase the power and turning speed so the profile is stronger.

These individual compositions for each kite size allowed us to improve different aspects in specific sizes. Our smaller kites were already very reactive and with this distinctive profile they are now much more stable as well as efficient in stronger wind conditions. In the larger kites, we applied a stronger profile to address underpower issues while improving the turning speed and adding a more direct feeling between the bar and the kite.

Kite Construction

In keeping with the Blade reputation for products that are built to last, the 2009 product line is produced with top quality materials from the most respected vendors in the industry. Through the use of insignia tape, padding, and sturdy fabric, our kites are ready to stand up to the toughest conditions. Our unique Double Rip Stop Layer is concentrated on the most delicate areas of the kite and our seams have more protection than ever before. All construction features have been balanced with the kite design for highly efficient performance and durability.

In addition, our MAD2 advanced inflation system is the newest Blade addition. The uniquely molded valve pieces have passed rigorous tests in uncontrolled environments and have proven to be 100% foolproof.

The Riders

So, who is it for? As we’ve mentioned, wave riders will really love the Vertigo 2009. Keeping the elements that were popular with wave riders in the 2008, the more precise bar feeling will help them keep track of the location of the kite while watching the waves up ahead. Also, the quick response in the 2009 will help in fast reactions to breaking waves.

Beginners will find the Vertigo 2009 less intimidating due to the depower capabilities, stability, and slight bar pressure - as they try to overcome common learning mistakes and focus on nailing the techniques. Also, the user friendliness of this kite will correct most of the mistakes that are made in the water – and if not, the relaunch is easy enough.

We could continue to explain all of the details of our trial and error process and how we arrived at the final Vertigo 2009 design, but, as only true kiters know, to fully grasp the endless possibilities of this kite you have will have to experience it for yourself – see you in the water!


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Product PDF


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