Wake 2004

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Brand: Airush


  • 136x38
  • 146x40


The distinction between Wakestyle boards and twin tips is becoming more of a fine line as the two concepts overlap in size. The primary differences in performance between the two however remain. The Wakestyle is a very soft feeling board, thinner with more flex, it has a Dominatrix bottom shape with slightly rounded rails. It is a very comfortable board to ride in chop and the longer rail length gives it more carving potential than boards with similar outlines. Under high loadings it is easy to crab sideways scrubbing power from the kite with ease. Square tips provide a clean water release and plenty of pop from the water, ideal for boosting huge air. The flat deck allows you to use either footplates or full boot bindings.



2004 airush wake 136.gif

2004 airush wake 146.gif



Trim Tips