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Brand: Best


  • 3.0
  • 5.0
  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 11.0
  • 13.0
  • 15.0
  • 17.0
  • 20.0


When you have designed the most popular 'SLE' kite in the world, what do you do next?

Well, obviously you take a vacation and then get straight back to the drawing board and the sewing machine to start work on designing the most popular and user friendly kite for '07.

For '07, the design team at Best have taken everything that riders loved about the Waroo, the huge depower, the c-shape handling, the amazing hangtime and lift, light bar pressure and exceptional stability, and wrapped it up in a brand new skin, with a whole host of design advancements and new technical product features.

Just like the old kite, the new '07 Waroo performs in the widest range of conditions with the highest level of safety, making it as suitable for a beginner as it is for a seasoned rider. No matter where you choose to ride, from butter flat lagoons to the largest waves, the '07 Waroo is proven to perform. Any new kite should make you a better rider. You should not need to be a better rider to get more enjoyment out of a new kite, and that is exactly what has been achieved with the 2007 Best Waroo.

The '07 Waroo is the most aerodynamically refined Dacron and Ripstop 'SLE' kite on the market. We have taken the legendary upwind ability, depower and stability of the original Waroo and improved them all.

Hidden away between the canopy and the airframe of the '07 Waroo, you will find a new reinforcement zone we call 'Canopy Framing Technology' and it is guaranteed to further improve our reputation for legendary reliability. This is the place where lightweight canopy and super stiff airframe meet, and it is the area of highest stress during any impact. Kites are meant for flying, not crashing into the water. With the 'CFT' protecting your investment, you will be able to do more of both.

New for this year are leading edge Profile shapers. These ultra strong, ellipsoidal battens add precision to the shape of the leading edge curve, improving efficiency in flight and enhancing stability during depowered riding. Riders who constantly push the limits of their kites range will find that the '07 Waroo is the smoothest and friendliest 'SLE' on the market, at both ends of its wind range.

The new Waroo benefits from our new 'Harmonized Arc' canopy and LE shaping. Every kite in the range has a unique balance of control surface and lift surface, giving the optimum blend of performance and ease of use, whichever size of Waroo you choose to add to your quiver for 2007.

In '06, Best pioneered the use of 5 struts on 'SLE' kites, and you can be sure we are sticking with the winning formula. Five struts, rather than seven, helps to reduce kite weight, making every size more efficient and easier to fly in lighter winds. Reducing the number of struts also improves under canopy airflow, reducing drag and allowing the kite to turn faster with lighter bar pressure.

One of the features that made the original Waroo the most popular 'SLE' kite with riders of all abilities was its ease of use and for '07 we have taken that even further. We have simplified and reduced the leading edge bridle on the new Waroo for '07 and we have added replaceable pulley line inserts to minimize maintenance and keep you running smoother for longer. The fixed rear line Y-bridle has been replaced with a new arrangement that continually varies and distributes load through the rear attachment points for the most accurate trimming and positive feedback at all depower angles.

Once again the Waroo name is associated with the most flexible and user friendly kite on the market, suited for all riding styles, all riding conditions and all riders. In '06, the Waroo was the best selling kite in the world. For '07, we have made it even better.


When you consider the 2007 Waroo's heritage, it is not difficult to understand why it was so easy to make it the perfect SLE kite.

The most popular kite of the '06 season has been completely overhauled with new construction techniques, improved material selections and a raft of new design features. While we have left the super sweet handling, light bar pressure and easy relaunch that were the stand out features on the 2006 kite, we have improved stability, turning speed and jumping ability further than we thought would be possible.

When people see the '07 Waroo they all ask the same question, "Wow, what's happened to the Waroo?"



Kite-wide continuous reinforcement and load distribution zone helps to transfer turning loads across the entire canopy for the fastest response to flying inputs. The high impact distribution zone separates canopy from airframe loading during crashes.

Waroo feat1.jpg


High modulus fiberglass reinforced battens: flexible enough to bend tip to tip without breaking, stiff enough to provide the canopy with maximum support enabling faster flight, unmatched canopy stability and exceptional upwind ability.

Waroo feat2.jpg


A three layer, triple stitched LE seam with a full length webbing wrap. Designed to better absorb the shock of big wipeouts. The toughest LE seam on the market, rotated out of the way under the canopy to improve under canopy airflow.

Waroo feat3.jpg


Every size of the Waroo is designed to have the exact same feel and responsiveness as every other size, so jumping from a 15m to a 9m takes no rider adjustment. Every kite, from the smallest to the largest, delivers massive hangtime and unreal upwind performance.

Waroo feat4.jpg


Every model in the '07 Waroo range benefits from size specific LE curvatures, ensuring the perfect ratio of lift surface to control surfaces. For '07, we have further refined the shape and structure of the Waroo to make it the best performing 'SLE' kite on the market.

Waroo feat5.jpg


Flat-locked edges on all canopy protection and batten pockets deliver zero line hang-ups. Internally monofilm padded to dampen and protect the interface between the battens and the canopy.

Waroo feat6.jpg


A practical solution to rigging the kite correctly every time. Each side of the kite has the bridle constructed in a different color zero-stretch line.

Waroo feat7.jpg


Strategically placed LE scuff pads eliminate bridle contact with leading edge. Whether riding on water, snow or land, the Waroo is built to withstand any punishment you throw its way.

Waroo feat8.jpg


Custom shaped from tip to tip, to deliver the best riding experience, with unmatched responsiveness, depower and upwind ability. The Waroo is ahead of the curve.

Waroo feat9.jpg


Your Waroo is guaranteed never to flutter or flap, regardless of the state of depower of the kite. Battens also work in conjunction with Best's exclusive Canopy Framing Technology to yield unmatched responsiveness and stability.

Waroo fea7t10.jpg


Woven spectra pulley lines for maximum durability and smoother handling. Plus, in the rare event a bridle wears out, replacement is a snap.

Waroo7 feat11.jpg


Proven performance from reduced weight and improved under-canopy airflow. The Waroo weighs less than any other SLE kite on the market and delivers greater ease of use, durability and unmatched performance.

Waroo7 feat12.jpg


Part of Best's Exclusive Canopy Framing Technology includes a reinforced trailing edge that provides razor sharp responsive-ness and unmatched durability, even if you leave your Waroo laying on the beach for days or months on end.

Waroo7 feat13.jpg


The 2007 Waroo uses only the best available materials. Besides our exclusive use of Cuben Fiber, the Waroo uses Dimension Polyant Dacron, widely regarded as the absolute best, toughest and most expensive on the market. The majority of the canopy is made from Teijin Rip-Stop Polyester, proven to be the most durable and lightest weight available.

Waroo7 feat14.jpg


The cuben fiber leading edge of the Waroo, along with Best's exclusive Canopy Framing Technology, harmonized arc, Rigid Strut design, and profile shaper cam battens, all come together to form the most solid airframe of any kite for unreal responsiveness and super easy relaunch.

Waroo7 feat15.jpg


Ultra-durable upper canopy protection and strategically placed ABC guard cloth protects the canopy from the worst the beach has to offer.

Waroo7 feat16.jpg


ABC cloth with velcro fastening protects the strut ends and keeps the bladders locked in place.

Waroo7 feat17.jpg


Up-rated Ronstan high load pulleys. Smoother running and minimal maintenance.

Waroo7 feat18.jpg


Redesigned, extended velcro valve tabs, secure the valve stopper with maximum hold down. Faster set-up and take-down, even with gloved hands.

Waroo7 feat19.jpg


Larger valves for faster take-down, tested and proven to work flawlessly in any environment whether that be in the heat of Northern Brazil or the incredibly harsh winter of Norway.

Waroo7 feat20.jpg


Elastic flying line deflectors prevent your lines from getting wrapped around the strut ends, even when you roll your kite in the toughest conditions. Provides additional trailing edge tension during powered up, unhooked loops to eliminate flutter.

Waroo7 feat21.jpg

Wind Range

  • 3.0: Trainer
  • 5.0: 25-35 knots
  • 7.0: 20-35 knots
  • 9.0: 15-32 knots
  • 11.0: 13-28 knots
  • 13.0: 11-23 knots
  • 15.0: 25-35 knots
  • 17.0: 9-22 knots
  • 20.0: 6-16 knots


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF


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Waroo pic2.jpg

Waroo pic3.jpg

Waroo pic4.jpg

Waroo pic5.jpg




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