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Brand: Best


  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 11.0
  • 13.0
  • 15.0
  • 17.0


The 2007 Waroo Pro is the most technically advanced, best performing kite ever made. With a reduced diameter Cuben Fiber leading edge, exclusive new Canopy Framing Technology, profile shapers, surf-proof construction and countless other quality features, the Waroo Pro is simply the perfect kite. The Waroo Pro has handling to match its technical excellence, it provides more explosive pop and greater hangtime than any C kite, while still delivering maximum depower, unmatched stability and multiple integrated safety systems. But, the Waroo Pro is not just for professional riders; it is for any rider who can stay upwind, in fact for anyone who wants a better and more fun kite.

Our exclusively designed Cuben Fiber leading edge material has the bias load handling and torsion distribution abilities of traditional Cuben Fiber, with the easy handling and abrasion resistance of Dacron. Built up into a leading edge, it has enabled us to design a kite with a thinner profile, unmatched aerodynamic efficiency, pinpoint responsiveness and undreamt of stability. The Waroo Pro rewrites the rule books of what can be achieved with a kite.

Positioned between the canopy and the airframe of the Waroo Pro, we have developed a new reinforcement technique we call Canopy Framing Technology, and it is guaranteed to further improve our reputation for legendary reliability.

CFT’s function is twofold, not only does it protect the entire surface of the kite, between the lightweight canopy and super stiff Cuben Fiber airframe, but it also helps to evenly distribute flying loads and turning inputs from the control bar by linking the entire trailing edge to the airframe in a way that is not possible with normal point-reinforcing techniques.

Canopy Faming Technology helps to deliver the toughest and most responsive kite on the market. Combine this with the benefits of our Cuben Fiber leading edge construction and the new Waroo Pro design has no peers.

The reduced diameter of the Waroo Pro airframe, combined with the fabric's huge load bearing ability, has allowed us to make the most aerodynamically advanced SLE kite on the market. High modulus leading edge Profile Shapers, new for 07, add precision to the shape of the leading edge and canopy curve, improving efficiency in flight and enhancing stability during depowered riding.

With greater upwind ability, reduced weight and huge depower range, the new Waroo Pro sets the standard by which all other kites will be judged. Any new kite should make you a better rider, you should not need to be a better rider to get more enjoyment out of a new kite, and that is exactly what has been achieved with the Waroo Pro.

The new Waroo Pro benefits from our new Harmonized Arc canopy and LE shaping. Every kite in the range has a unique balance of control surface and lift surface, giving the optimum blend of performance and ease of use, whichever size of Waroo Pro you choose to add to your quiver for 07.

The performance placement strut design of the Waroo Pro helps to reduce kite weight, making every size more efficient and easier to fly in lighter winds. Our uniquely optimized under canopy layout also improves under canopy airflow, reducing drag and allowing the kite to turn faster with lighter bar pressure without sacrificing stability or relaunch.

For the Waroo Pro we have designed a minimal LE bridle, adding replaceable pulley line inserts to minimize maintenance and keep you running smoother for longer. The Waroo Pro also has a rear line arrangement that continually varies and distributes load through the rear attachment points for the most accurate trimming and positive feedback at all depower angles.

Don’t let its Pro tag put you off; the Waroo Pro is aimed squarely at riders who demand the best from their equipment, regardless of their kiting experience. The Waroo Pro delivers on every riders’ dreams for 07, it is simply the most flexible and user friendly kite on the market, suited for all riding styles, all riding conditions and all riders.


The Waroo Pro is designed to be the `Best Kite Ever Made,` constructed without sacrifice for materials specification, build quality, component selection and overall performance. Built for riders who demand the highest level of all around performance and usability but have found all other kites lacking. The Waroo Pro is the kite of choice.

No other single kite comes close to delivering the jumping and hangtime performance of the Waroo Pro and its combination of raw low end power, top end stability and absolute user friendliness.

Get ready for the ride of your life.



Simply the stiffest most responsive leading edge on the market, with a significantly reduced profile that slices through the wind for amazing upwind and jumping ability. Cross-acting spectra fibers built into the material enhance responsiveness and torsional load distribution.

WarooPro feat1.jpg


Kite-wide continuous reinforcement and load distribution zone helps transfer turning loads across the entire canopy for the fastest response to flying inputs. High impact distribution zone separates the canopy from airframe loading during heavy crashes.

WarooPro feat2.jpg


A three layer triple stitched seam with a full length webbing wrap, designed to better absorb the shock of big wipe-outs. The toughest LE seam on the market is also rotated out of the way behind the LE to improve under canopy airflow.

WarooPro feat3.jpg


Size specific leading edge curvature, ensuring the perfect ratio of lift to control surface. Every size of kite has a precision designed and tested blend of performance and handling to deliver maximum levels of user friendliness.

WarooPro feat4.jpg


Setting the standard in materials technology and performance, our unique Cuben-Dacron Hybrid leading edge material delivers the amazing load handling and distribution properties of Cuben with the abrasion resistance and easy handling of Dacron.

WarooPro feat5.jpg


Proven performance from reduced weight and improved under canopy airflow. The Waroo Pro weighs less than any other SLE kite on the market, and delivers greater ease of use, durability and unmatched performance.

WarooPro feat6.jpg


High modulus glass fiber reinforced battens, flexible enough to bend tip to tip without breaking, stiff enough to provide the canopy with maximum support, enabling faster flight and exceptional upwind ability.

WarooPro feat7.jpg


EVA padded and webbing reinforced batten pockets, separate the canopy from direct contact with the battens and eliminates potential wear points previously associated with battened kites. We finish each item of canopy protection off with a layer of Mark cloth to ensure your lines do not get snagged on your canopy at any time.

WarooPro feat8.jpg


Strategically placed LE scuff pads eliminate bridle contact with the LE. Whether riding on snow, water, or land, the Waroo Pro is built to withstand any punishment you throw its way.



EVA protection pads with flat locked edges on all canopy protection and batten pockets to ensure zero line hang ups when self launching, and maximum kite protection from impacts, on or off the water.

WarooPro feat10.jpg


Every size of Waroo Pro is designed to have the exact same feel and responsiveness as every other size, so jumping from a 15m to a 9m takes no rider adjustment. Every kite from the smallest to the largest delivers massive hangtime and unreal upwind performance.

WarooPro feat11.jpg


Woven spectra pulley lines for maximum durability and smoother handling. Plus in the event that a bridle wears through, replacement is a snap.

WarooPro feat12.jpg


Custom shaped from tip to tip, to deliver the best riding experience, with unmatched responsiveness, depower and upwind ability, the Waroo Pro is ahead of the curve.

WarooPro feat13.jpg


Your Waroo Pro is guaranteed never to flap, regardless of the state of depower of the kite. Battens also work in conjunction with Best's exclusive Canopy Framing Technology to yield unmatched responsiveness and stability.

WarooPro feat14.jpg


Ultra durable and strategically placed, ABC guard cloth protects the canopy and leach line from the worst the beach has to offer.

WarooPro feat15.jpg


ABC cloth with enlarged Velcro fastening protects the strut ends and keeps the bladders locked in place.

WarooPro feat16.jpg


Elasticized flying line deflectors stop your lines from getting wrapped around the strut ends, even when you roll your kite in the toughest conditions. Line deflectors also provide additional trailing edge tension during powered-up unhooked loops to eliminate trailing edge flutter.

WarooPro feat17.jpg


Perfect load distribution through the canopy at all depower positions gives faster turning response and tighter turns, even when unhooked. Variable rear line V bridle delivers perfect bar feel and helps eliminate canopy flutter without adding excess flight weight.

WarooPro feat18.jpg


A practical solution to rigging the kite correctly every time. Each side of the kite has the bridle constructed in a different color zero-stretch line, helping you to rig it right first time, every time.

WarooPro feat19.jpg


Redesigned extended Velcro tabs with increased closure surface secure the valve stopper with maximum hold down. Faster break down and pack up, even with gloved hands.

WarooPro feat20.jpg


Larger valves for faster break down. Tested and proven to work flawlessly in any environment, from the heat of mid-summer in Northern Brazil to the incredibly harsh winters of Norway.

WarooPro feat21.jpg


All bladder ends in the Waroo-Pro come double wrapped with an extra thick layer of TPU bladder material, the best combination of lightweight performance and durability.

WarooPro feat22.jpg


For 07, we have chosen upgraded high load pulleys from the most respected manufacturer in the industry. With greater bearing clearance and an improved low friction pulley wheel surface, they are designed to provide smother running and minimal maintenance; no matter how well you take care of your kite.

WarooPro feat23.jpg


Part of Best's Exclusive Canopy Framing Technology includes a reinforced trailing edge that provides razor sharp responsiveness and unmatched durability, even if you leave your Waroo Pro lying on the beach for days or months on end.

WarooPro feat24.jpg


The 2007 Waroo Pro uses only the best available materials and construction. When we can find them, we buy them. When we can not find them, we work with companies to develop our own materials to our exact requirements. Alongside our exclusive Cuben Fiber cloth you'll find Dacron from Dimensional Polyant, respected as the maker of the absolute finest, toughest and most expensive Dacron on the market. The canopy Rip-stop is sourced from Teijin, who provide the Waroo pro with the lightest and toughest Rip-Stop in the industry.

WarooPro feat25.jpg


The Cuben Fiber leading edge of the Waroo Pro, Best’s innovative Canopy Framing Technology, harmonized arc, Rigid Strut design, and profile shaper cam battens all come together to form the most rigid, dependable and highest performing kite airframe on the market. Wrapped up in a precision shaped and constructed canopy there simply is no better performing or easier to use kite available.

WarooPro feat26.jpg

Wind Range

  • 7.0: 18-35 knots
  • 9.0: 14-35 knots
  • 11.0: 12-32 knots
  • 13.0: 9-26 knots
  • 15.0: 7-24 knots
  • 17.0: 6-22 knots


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF

Designer Q&A PDF

Designer Q&A PDF


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WarooPro pic2.jpg

WarooPro pic3.jpg

WarooPro pic4.jpg

WarooPro pic5.jpg




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Trim Tips

Direct Bridle

At Best Kiteboarding, the R&D process never stops. Peter and his team are hard at work finishing the remaining kites in the 07 line-up, which will continue to be the best performing, highest quality gear on the market.

If you have had the opportunity to fly the 2007 Waroo Pro, you already know that its performance is in a league of its own. Built with the torsional rigidity of the Cuben Fiber in the leading edge, no other manufacturers’ kites comes close.

In designing a kite that delivered outstanding jumping and hangtime performance, the two most critical attributes for our market, the R&D team believed that a bridle system that traded some turning speed for a slight reduction in bar pressure would be the optimum and preferred set up.

In direct response to subsequent rider requests for faster turning speed and a more direct steering feel on the Waroo Pro range of kites, the Best R&D team have implemented a new ‘Direct’ rear bridle set up that allows the much higher aspect ratio Waroo Pro to turn exactly like the Waroo 07 - fast.

The new ‘Direct’ bridle delivers greater steering response; allowing the rider to initiate a turn more quickly than was possible with the previous single pulley arrangement. With the ‘Direct’ bridle, the Waroo Pro produces a tighter, faster turn with less sliding of the kite through the air. Power delivery through the turn is unaffected.

The slight trade off for this sharper steering and turning style is a slight increase in bar pressure when the kite is fully powered, yet still incredibly light compared to a “bow” or “C” shaped kite. We hope that all customers will agree that this gives the Waroo Pro the handling characteristics that they expect of a kite with the Waroo Pro name.

The new bridle arrangement will be shipped as standard on all forthcoming Waroo Pro kites and will shortly be made available free of charge to all current customers who wish to make the switch.