Wildseries 2006

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Brand: Cyclon


  • 119x37
  • 127x39
  • 137x39
  • 144x45 Crusier


In 2006 we brought fun into the light wind sector. With our Cruiser full-carbon boards with wood core we were able to build light and very durable boards. Additionally the carbon set new standards in the flexibility of the boards, made them very comfortable for ride and exceptional light weight. Further, we invented the symmetrical stabilization tips. This tip shape gives the board a positive tendency during landing after jumps and additionally eliminated water spray to the kiters body. This tip shape you can see now in a lot of other 2008 boards of companies like, North, F-One, Fanatic a.s.o.



Wildseries 2006 cyclon products (Small).jpg



Trim Tips