Wildseries 2007

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Brand: Cyclon


  • 119x38
  • 127x39
  • 137x39
  • 144x44 Cruiser
  • 162x43 Cruiser XXL


In 2007 we increased the boards upwind abilities once more with a modified parabolic outline. Furthermore we invented a concave in the small boards increasing their immense pop and stability in rough, choppy water. This effort was achieved by close cooperation with university flow and gforce measurement same as used in Formula1 racing engineering. Additionally we integrated RFID Chips into the boards. This small chip or transponder allows to identify each board. The light wind models Cruiser and Cruiser XXL set`s new standards of fun factor in winds below 10 knots.



Wildseries 2007 600 black.jpg



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