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Brand: Air Evolution


  • 4.0
  • 6.0
  • 8.0
  • 10.0
  • 12.0


The ultimate in lift and float from snowkite pioneer Damien Richard.

Built with all pilots in mind, the Air Evolution X-Air has some completely unique features from any other brand of kite with a trailing edge that act like flaps on a plane giving you masses of lift when you power up the kite, yet is still brilliantly stable so even beginners can jump straight on it.

This years kite has had a 'Swallow' feature added to it to allow the trailing edge to work like to separate flaps rather than one flap like last years kite. This allows for even greater maneuverability in the air and a constant power through loops and turns. The Air Evolution X-Air has the following features:

  • Unparalleled Stability (Incredible even in the large sizes)
  • Unique Trailing Edge Flap System (Works like the flaps on a plane creating amazing uplift)
  • Unrivaled Float Giving You More Airtime (Floats more like a large tube than smaller foil!)
  • Incredibly Quick Turning (Maneuverability of a much smaller kite with the ability to stall turn the kite)
  • Big De-Power Range (Use one kite for longer)
  • Incredibly Light Bar Pressure - yet excellent feedback (Ride all day long with no pain in your elbows!)
  • Carbon Control Bar (Extremely Strong)
  • Highest Quality Porcher Materials (No cuts taken with quality)
  • Gauze Mesh on Leading Edge (prevents foreign bodies from entering cells)
  • Awesome Un-Hooked Riding with specific settings for once you progress to this level (Progress much more quickly to unhooked moves)

The Air Evolution X-Air is the perfect kite for beginners to depower kites right through to expert riders demanding a kite that has ultimate stability, incredible depower, insane pop and unrivaled float.

The kites come in 4 sizes 6 meter, 8 meter, 10 meter and 12 meter. They are light blue, yellow, purple and red respectively.

Size for size the Air Evolution X-Air has more power than other similar depowerable foils so you can purchase a size smaller than you are used to saving you money, of course the best advice is to try and fly one first!





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