X-Pact 2005

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Brand: Airush


  • 120x35
  • 122x37
  • 127x38
  • 135x39


Our most exciting development for 2005, this capable range re-defines how much punishment a kiteboard can take. Produced with PVC core, ABS rails, high flex and slider-proof flat bottoms, the X-pacts slide effortlessy through the water and grip hard under load. Packed with high-tech features these multi-discipline boards compliment intermediate to advanced riders who enjoy twin-tip styles and ripping hard in all wind and water states.


  • X-Link ABS Construction
  • G-10 Fins
  • Dynamic Flex
  • Slider-proof bottom
  • Gel Coat Deck
  • Flat Bottom shape
  • Shaped hand grips
  • Anti-Slip
  • Contoured pads
  • Asymmetric Straps
  • Wider Stance
  • Multiple Footstrap positions
  • Inserts for centre handle
  • Styled Graphics



Bd xpact 2005.jpg



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