X-Ride 2008

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Brand: North


  • S 129x38
  • M 135x39
  • L 141x40


The X-Ride is a true all terrain machine. Unique design features such as a full concave bottom, rounded rails, soft flex and special carving fins make the X-Ride a dream board in rough conditions. The concave bottom in combination with the round rail gives you maximum grip and a smooth water flow off the edge, increasing control, performance and comfort. The soft flex and good absorption allow you to ride effortlessly through chop, while the new carving fins give you outstanding grip and acceleration allowing big jumps, high speed turns and performance in waves you didn’t think was possible with a twin tip. A great freestyle board, even in the toughest conditions, the X-ride makes riding easier and let’s you focus on the tricks instead of trying to control the board. The X-ride, with its wide range of use, gives you great value for the money and is the clear choice for anyone who wants one board for all conditions!


  • Maximum Comfort & Versatility
  • Waves/ Freeride/ Freestyle
  • Concave Bottom
  • New Wave/ Carving Fins
  • Soft Flex & Rounded Rails


  • 129cmx38cm: 2,3 kg
  • 135cmx39cm: 2,5 kg
  • 141cmx40cm: 2,7 kg



X-Ride 2008 1.png


Action and Features



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