X-Series 2009

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Brand: ABoards


  • 137x42
  • 134x40.5
  • 131x40
  • 128x39 (limited edition)


X-series from ABoards Kiteboarding 2009 board collection is the highest performance board oriented for new school freestyle/wakestyle riding. The board comes with premium graphics and is equipped with an extra insert to allow wider stance position and accommodate standard wakeboard bindings. X-series 3D progressive board is manufactured with snowboard technology making it super strong and durable. Board’s geometry, rocker and core is specially fine-tuned for kite wake-style riding.


  • compatibility with standard wakeboard boot bindings
  • extra insert position for wide stance
  • kiteboard rocker adapted for wakestyle
  • combined core tuned for wakestyle/freestyle riding
  • special geometry customized for powered moves
  • optimized for pop maneuvers
  • 3D top deck with multiple flex zones
  • bi-directional flex tips
  • tunnel concave bottom deck
  • anti-spray cuts
  • Upwinders - extended outline tips
  • ABS bumper rails
  • premium graphics
  • glossy top sheet finishing
  • extruded base snowboard technology bottom sheet
  • durable anti-scratch cover



X-Series 2009 2.jpg

X-Series 2009 1.jpg


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