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The 08 Yarga updates the classic C-kite concept for a whole new generation of young riders.

Customers requested that the Yarga return to a 4-line /5th line format for 08 and with the help of our Pro-riders we’ve obliged. Designed for freestyle and competition riders who demand a fast turning kite with solid unhooked performance, the 08 Yarga is already the weapon of choice for our freestyle Pro-team riders and is the perfect choice for any rider who is looking to make it big in the competition scene.

Pro-team input has helped create a mid-aspect, high-performance C-kite that is perfectly suited to the task of advancing up the competition ladder. A moderate aspect ratio layout allows the Yarga to be ridden deep into the window for throwing no-whip tricks and powered handle-passes without affecting stability.

Maximising the width between the wingtip attachment points and ensuring unimpeded airflow across the surfaces of the canopy have helped push the turning speed of the Yarga to the limit. With the bar in your hands you have full control of whether to throw your loops high and huge or low and super committed. Bar pressure is set in the medium to low range, giving you feedback even when you are unhooked and have the kite behind your back.

Our signature reduced-width leading edge construction endows the Yarga with an aggressive aerodynamic profile that allows you charge upwind between each trick. When the gusts kick in you can dump speed and depower the kite from the bar or the edge of the board. The Yarga responds to the way you want to ride.

Like all of our 08 line up, the Yarga benefits from the most durable construction in the industry. Canopy Framing Technology, Solid Airframe Construction and our webbing tape reinforced Load Flex LE seam combine to deliver our legendary build quality. It might not be the smartest move to commit to your latest unhooked trick when you are pushing your own personal limits 30 feet above the water, but there’s no better C-kite on which to perfect those moves than the 08 Yarga.


Canopy Framing Technology:

If you ride hard, crashing your kite is a fact of life. With CFT protecting your kite from impact damage you’ll be able to ride longer and harder than ever before. The Yarga is the only competition freestyle kite to come with CFT.

Yarga 2008 image002.jpg

A/B Custom Tune:

Rig and ride it your way. The 08 Yarga has multiple rear attachment points allowing you to dial in the turning speed, bar feel and depower that you need for the way you want to ride.

Yarga 2008 image003.jpg

Optional 5th line attachment:

An optional 5th-line kit allows you to rig the kite for easier relaunch and improved safety options. The 5th line option can be used as a passive safety and also for relaunching the kite.

Yarga 2008 image004.jpg

Moderate Aspect Ratio:

Ride deeper into the window for more power on no whip tricks. Our moderate aspect ratio design delivers perfect control for unhooked riding and new-school tricks.

Yarga 2008 image005.jpg

Solid Airframe Construction:

New for 2008, all LE strut joints are laser shaped and cut, then reinforced with Kevlar tape. There is no better way to connect the leading edge to the struts. Our construction gives the stiffest and lightest airframe available. This helps make the ’08 Yarga the most responsive and predictable kite you will ever ride.

Yarga 2008 image006.jpg

Load Flex LE seam:

For 2008, the Load Flex seam receives mark cloth internal reinforcement along with additional stitch reinforcement. Our unique three layer webbing-taped LE seam ensures the strongest LE on any inflatable kite. There is no stronger or cleaner seam construction.

Yarga 2008 image007.jpg

Double reinforced back line attachments:

We know that you are going to ride this kite hard, so we’ve strengthened every contact area on the kite. The rear line attachment webbing is given its own pocketed sleeve in the wingtips then finished off with two layers of reinforced stitching.

Yarga 2008 image008.jpg

Trailing edge battens:

A flutter free canopy generates smoother airflow for faster turning so the Yarga receives our trailing edge battens as standard.

Yarga 2008 image009.jpg

Standard Inflation System:

For riders who value simplicity over convenience and simply want the best bang for their buck, the ‘08 Yarga still comes with a standard inflation system. We’ve upgraded to membrane vales and included valve sticks on every strut.

Yarga 2008 image010.jpg

Mark cloth Canopy Protection:

Lightweight Mark cloth provides durable upper canopy protection covering the canopy sections directly above the struts.

Yarga 2008 image011.jpg

Dacron Wing Tip Panels:

Multi-layer Dacron wingtip panels distribute turning forces for unmatched responsiveness and enable self-launching without risk of damage. Flying line contact points are shielded with an additional layer of ABC guard cloth.

Yarga 2008 image012.jpg

CFT Reinforced Trailing Edge:

Like all kites in our ‘08 range, the ’08 Yarga benefits from our exclusive CFT reinforced trailing edge, which provides razor-sharp turning response and unbelievable handling. CFT gives the Yarga unmatched durability, even if you leave it lying on the beach between heats.

Yarga 2008 image013.jpg

Kevlar LE elbows:

Wherever the LE is likely to be in contact with the ground or your flying lines we have added extra Kevlar reinforcements for improved durability.

Yarga 2008 image014.jpg

ABC Strut Protection:

ABC guard cloth pockets with enlarged Velcro fastenings protect the strut ends from abrasion and keeps the bladders locked in place.

Yarga 2008 image015.jpg

Surf Tough Build Quality:

Our unique Canopy Framing Technology, LE Load Flex seam, fully taped canopy and Solid Airframe Construction come together to deliver the most proven and trusted kite construction package in the industry. There is simply no kite built better.

Yarga 2008 image016.jpg

Highest Quality Materials:

The ’08 Yarga uses only the best available materials and most advanced construction techniques.

Yarga 2008 image017.jpg


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