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Brand: Gin


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Easy all-round powerkite...

The Zig is GIN's new intermediate, all round powerkite designed to be easy to use, friendly and stable while providing loads of performance for all your powerkiting needs.

Zig will do it all!

The Zig is stable enough to give you confidence in all conditions and to allow you to concentrate on perfecting your skills whether it be kiteboarding, buggying, snowkiting, jumping or just being pulled around - this kite will do it all!

Built to perform and to last...

Manufactured to the highest standards from quality materials to produce wrinkle free, clean surfaces, properly reinforced in all the right areas - built to perform and built to last.

Different setups for even more versatility:

The ZIG can be bought from stock either with bar or handle setup.

  • ZIG depower bar : 4-line bar depower setup
  • ZIG 3-line bar: 2-line bar setup with 3rd safety line
  • ZIG depower kit: used for converting the kite to 4-line bar
  • ZIG handle setup: 4-line kite handles


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