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Brand: Ocean Rodeo


  • 129x39
  • 135x41
  • 135x43


Our Zen line up for 2009 has one focus: Freestyle. Continuing from 2008 we have kept the wooden shock core which not only delivers maximum punch for wakestyle jumps but also takes a beating with 2008 being our lowest year ever for warranty claims on boards.

129x39 Freestyle

Designed for freestyle riding by riders up to 180lbs the Zen 129x39 is short for a low swing weight and wide for easily stomped landings.

135x41 Freestyle

A new shape for 2009 the 135x39 is designed for heavier freestyle riders looking for more board to carry their weight. Ideal for the hard core who are over 180lbs the 135x39 is plenty of board, wide enough to stomp landings and is made with a wood core to stand up to your abuse!

135x43 Freeride Wide

Our widest board on offer this board is built for freeriders stuck in light winds or beginners looking to plane up early. Plenty of pop is offered from its wooden shock core. 2009 Zens are available for pre-order now. Size 129x39 will ship early to mid September with full availability of all sizes by early October.



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