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Brand: Gin


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The GIN Kiteboarding ZULU is the ultimate SLE low-end machine. The ZULU features a lower aspect ratio and deep profiles, which combined with a LE bridled 4-line kite, generate extraordinary overall characteristics.

The innovation of the ZULU is that it offers incredible low-end performances, which for a kite of this type is very unusual. We have a great passive low-end, giving the kite a lot of ground pull from start. This means you don't need to actively fly the kite to get going - just sheet in and off you go. On top of that there is also an active low-end, which enables you to still get more performance out of the kite by moving it in the window. This is possible because the kite has turning characteristics, which keep it fluid through the turns and don't make the kite pivot, loose its speed or fly backwards. As a result you will be able to use a ZULU in one or two kite sizes smaller than what riders with other SLE kites need to take. This increases your fun, your safety and what you get for your money.

Thanks to its 4-line SLE bridle all this is combined with the comfort and safety of having a high depower setup. This means: The comfort of adjusting the entire range of power while riding or when coming in to the beach. And the safety to find immediate depower when letting go of the bar in an emergency.

  • The flight stability
  • The predictable turning
  • The easy low-end performance
  • The steady pull also at lower speeds
  • The amazingly powerful lift
  • The reasonable bar pressure

All this makes the ZULU the perfect kite for all kind of riders, from beginners to free- or wakestylers.

Designed by Robert Graham. The kite has slightly rounded wingtips, which help for relaunching the kite. The overall wingtip shape is more of a square kind, since this is the best way to optimize the turning performance of the kite. In order to combine this kind of tip shape with the high depower requirements, we've developed a new kind of wingtip bridle attachement which is featured on the ZULU.

The ZULU is manufactured with the best materials and highest technology. We don't mind the extra costs of higher quality tissues that are not only contributing to the performance of the kite, but also increase its value and durability. Other ZULU standards are: Single point inflation system, segmented LE, union struts, spectra line extensions and spectra kite pigtails.


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User Manual PDF

User Manual PDF


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